Monday, March 17, 2008

Why pick Obama or Hillary?

Many people will vote for Hillary because she would be America's first Female President. Many other people will vote for Obama because he would be America's first black President.

I've been called a sexist for refusing to vote for Hillary. If I don't vote for her, I'm against women. I've been called a racist for refusing to vote for Obama. If I don't vote for her, I want to oppress black folks.

So, by their logic, I must vote for a candidate based on the color of his skin, or for the type of genitalia she possesses. Well, I am not voting for genitals, and I am not voting for skin.

I am not even voting for a Party. I am voting for an ideology, a philosophy, not for a group. Both Parties have the wrong ideas for America. Both Parties want to perpetuate the same mistakes, and I cannot go along with it.

I would be a racist if I voted for a man based on his skin color. I would be a sexist if I voted only for one type of gender. Since I am doing neither, I cannot be either.

If Ron Paul was a black woman, then I would be casting my vote for the first black woman President. Yet, Ron Paul just happens to be a white male. I chose Ron because of his ideas, not because he's white and male. And I firmly believe that all those people who vote for skin and genitals need to wake up and start learning economics and politics.

This dumbing down of America works in favor of the people entrenched in the current political power structure, who need to perpetuate this system for their own benefit. Their benefit is not our benefit. Wake up, America! Start studying Austrian economics. From there, start learning some real politics, and start questioning Big Brother's propaganda. The best consumer is a smart consumer, and likewise the best voter is an educated one.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hillary Isn't Crazy, Is She?


You sassin' me, woman? Don't you sass me, y'hear!

I'm a socialist zombie, and I'm going to eat you!

Hi! I'm Scare-llary!

I look down on free-market nonsense!

GASP! I used to be a Republican???

Hey America! Sit on these and spin!

When I'm der Fuhrer, you will heil me, heil Hitler-y!

Das ist true! Karl's lips don't move!

BOO! I'm a socialist bunny rabbit!


This portrait is called, the "Arkansas Hill-Bill-ies"

Billary, then, and now.

More manic than depressive.


Future Marxist/Femi-NAZI in the making.

Free-market ideas? CRINGE!

Truth, Justice, and the American Way? BORING!

You mean the old lady realized "Free Healthcare" isn't really free? Oh, shit!

If Hillary becomes President...


War is Peace
Perpetual war for perpetual peace.
e'll fight them over there, so we won't have to fight them over here.

Freedom is Slavery
Less liberty = More security.

Ignorance is Strength
The economic ignorance of the masses is the strength of the Party.