Monday, January 1, 2007

Could Freedom Destroy a Free Society?

It's a good thing, I think, to ponder the details of a free society. So here goes.

Freedom of religion would certainly exist in a free society. Let's imagine that a growing muslim population reached the greatest limit, through peaceful proselytizing, until all members of the free society converted to Islam.

Suddenly, muslim leaders declared Sharia. Would this destroy the freedom of the free society or could a free society exist under such a situation? If every member of the nation wanted to eradicate freedom and live under Sharia, could they or would the constitution remain intact?

Let's get some opinions on this.

3 comments: said...

No, it could not remain a free society. Because implementing Sharia would preclude protecting the legitimate rights of the citizens. The act of everyone agreeing to no longer respect rights does not mean those rights are no longer valid or necessary. said...

ps, This is the oft ignored difference between democracy and liberty.

FriendsOfLiberty said...

Thank you, dissimulationexposed, for your comments. I agree with your statement. If we assume that this free society was originally free because it had a constitution which guaranteed these rights, then the instituting of Sharia would necessitate the dissolution of the constitution. Under normal circumstances, the constitution would be protected, but if the newly Islamicised nation agreed to remove the constitution, they would be freely entering into non-liberty. Luckily, this is one of those extreme what-if scenarios. It is highly unlikely that this would occur in the real world, but if it did, then that nation would deserve the fruits of its collective decision.

Thanks, also, for being the first person to leave me a comment. :-)