Monday, November 3, 2008

The Next President's First 5 Tasks

An article in Time magazine online listed 5 important first things that the next President (whoever he may be) must take care of . Here is the link

The Next President's First Five Things To Do

I believe this list is too vague, and mostly wrong. Here are 5 better suggestions:

  1. Return to a Gold Standard. By making sure the dollar is backed by precious metals such as gold and silver, the dollar will once again be worth something, and inflation will be completely eliminated.
  2. Change to a non-interventionist domestic policy. Get the government completely out of the economy. Instead of hurtling headlong into a completely socialist economy, let's take our current mixed economy and for the first time in our history let's have a completely free market. Resources will be most efficiently allocated, and society will prosper tremendously. This means abandoning the economic myths and fallacies of John Maynard Keyens which have all but destroyed America from the inside, and adopting an Austrian Economic philosophy.
  3. Change to a non-interventionist foreign policy. Wise were the words of our Founding Fathers, who believed that sticking our noses in everybody's business would be a bad idea, create resentment, and cause terrorism against us. Minding our own business, stopping "Foreign Aid" which only puts money in the hands of brutal dictators, returning our troops home from the over 137 countries which we occupy will stop giving the world a reason to hate America. No nation-building, no shoving democracy down everyone's throat (when we ourselves don't even have it anymore), no empire-building, no more being the world's biggest bully by pretending to be Globo-Cop.
  4. With a solid change to a foreign policy of peace, trade with all and non-interventionism, terrorism will all but cease to exist. Without any terrorist threat, we will no longer need to live in an Orwellian Surveillance and Police State.
  5. Re-establish our Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land. Recognize it not as a living breathing document which is subject to change, but as a document of universal values chiseled into stone, never to be changed, and always protecting the citizenry from government gone wild. This will shrink the government down to what it was originally intended to be--a small government that protects private property and contracts, and one that is subject to the citizenry. In other words, We the People are the BOSS, and the government is our servant, not the other way around.

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