Monday, October 22, 2007

The Great Distraction

The left/right dichotomy is designed to limit the scope of choice in the public awareness. The State embraces and promulgates the ideological contradiction to create the illusion of actual competition by different means for different ends, yet the ends of both poles are equivalent, and are to the benefit and the liking of the State.

And now for a commercial:

A man and his one-trick pony perform a song and dance. They groove to the rhythm of "The Hustle", while singing the "Star-Spangled Banner."

And now, back to our show:

The greater the contradiction, the more believable the illusion of potentially different ends by the different means, and the greater the illusion of freedom of dissenting views. It is the great distraction, which rivets all eyes on the play, to avoid the viewing of the bigger picture, where the ends are shown to be harmoniously in sync. The illusion flitters away before the eyes like an evaporating dream upon awakening, when one notices that any other ideology not similarly labeled as the wings produces clearly different ends by totally different means. Then one sees the distraction clearly, and the commercial's true meaning shows itself.

And now for another commercial:

Two hands cover a mouth, and the voice of reason is muffled.

Ah, yes. This one now looks familiar.

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