Sunday, October 14, 2007

Know Your Role!

Here is what I consider to be common sense, and this, to me, is logical. The President, as well as every other politician who is elected into office by a vote of the people, is an elected representative of the voters. An elected representative is a person who is elected or chosen to represent the people, their needs and wishes. This is a politician's job, to serve the voters who've elected him. The elected representative must then do what is necessary to fulfill the promises he has made to those who have elected him. So, if the Iraq war is overwhelmingly unpopular, and if the majority of the people demand that our troops be brought home immediately, and without delay, then our chief elected representative, also known as the President of the United states of America, must comply with the demands of the people who have elected him to represent their needs and desires. In other words, despite what our politicians may believe, and despite their delusions of grandeur, they are our public servants and we, the public, are their masters. We, the People of the United States of America are the boss, and not the government. We are the rulers of the politicians, and not the other way around. We are the boss, and what we say goes. If the People say jump, the government must say, "Yes master, how high would you like us to jump, and may we also add a somersault and a double twist for your pleasure?" Why then, does the government think it is the boss of us? America is not a democracy, and it never was. This country has always been a Democratic Republic, which differs from the straight Democracy, as originated by the ancient Greeks. Why, then, are we trying to shove this form of government down the throats of other sovereign nations? Even if one could argue that, yes, indeed we truly are a democracy, how is it that the government is the ruler, and we, the people are the slaves? We have no democracy to export, so what is it that we are trying to shove down everyone's throat?

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