Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rest In Peace Rebeckha Whitefield.

She lost control of her Jeep Liberty on a rain slicked road and hit a tree. She was thrown from the vehicle. A witness said she ran outside after she heard a crash outside her home, and saw two bodies strewn on the street. The witness said she wants to erase the memory of this because it is too disturbing. The other passenger in the vehicle, a 16 year old male friend of Rebeckha's is in the hospital with severe head trauma. The poor girl never lived her life. She planned on riding horses again after she began taking a criminal law class, but all her plans will go unfulfilled. She will never go to her junior prom. A sweet girl who always smiled will never smile again. I can't reconcile the memory of her at work with the idea of her being killed and never coming back to work. I hate death. I hate it.

Rebeckha, you were always sweetly nice, and a pleasure to work with. I will miss your beautiful big blue eyes and the warm smile that always melted my frazzled face on those hectic freaky Fridays. I will miss seeing you at the phone and the computer. I wish I had known you longer. Rest in peace, Rebeckha. May God keep you in His loving embrace forever.

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