Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Reasons They Hate Us?

In a speech made by President George W. Bush on June 18, 2002, on Homeownership Department of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, D.C., he gave his personal view of the reasons behind terrorism. Below is a quote from that speech, which he delivered from 10:20 AM EDT until 10:49 AM EDT:

"Let me first talk about how to make sure America is secure from a group of killers, people who hate -- you know what they hate? They hate the idea that somebody can go buy a home. They hate freedom; that's what they hate. They hate the fact that we worship freely. They don't like the thought of Christian, Jew and Muslim living side by side in peace. They don't like that at all. And therefore, they -- since they resent our freedoms, they feel like they should take out their resentment by destroying innocent lives. And this country will do everything we can possibly do to protect America. (Applause.)"

So, Islamic terrorists hate America because Americans can purchase a house. Can you imagine what went through the minds of the 19 hijackers on September 11, 2001?

"It is time to fly airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. We'll teach those Americans to buy houses!"

So, Islamic terrorists hate freedom. What might those same hijackers have thought before boarding those planes?

"We Muslims live a strict, regimented life, according to the laws of the Quran. How dare those American Christians follow the laws of the Bible instead of the Quran! What were they thinking? Now, they shall pay the price!"

So, Islamic terrorists prefer that Muslims, Jews and Christians hate each other, rather than live together in peace and harmony. What might the hijackers have been contemplating?

"What insanity is this? Christians, Jews and Muslims respecting each other like neighbors? This is disgusting! How dare they! Don't they realize how important it is to hate each other and to fight and oppress each other on a daily basis? Well, we'll fix their little psychosis!"

So, Islamic terrorists hate America because "we worship freely." They hate Americans because Americans are free to be Muslims as well as Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, etc? What might've been on the minds of the terrorists?

"Don't these infidels realize that their religion must be forced upon them? Who are they to freely accept what they believe, and to accept others who don't believe as they do? Those insane Americans! We will kill them all!"

So the President says that Islamic terrorists want to destroy Americans because they are tolerant of other people's religions and because they buy homes. Does the President truly believe this silliness? And does he really expect intelligent Americans to buy into this one-trick pony show?

For the President to believe this malarkey, he would need to be ignorant of American history, be ignorant of intelligence reports, be ignorant of the history of the Central Intelligence Agency, and to be a regular consumer of LSD.

For the President to not truly believe this junk, he would need to be fully aware of the real reasons for terrorism, and to be consciously blowing this smokescreen over the eyes of the American People to cover up worldwide American sponsored terrorism in the form of our foreign policy. Shouldn't the term "Regime Change" be a part of America's lexicon and mainstream thought? Someone in power obviously prefers it not.

Here's another quote from a point near the end of his speech:

"See, I tell people -- and I believe this -- that out of the evil done to America will come some incredible good. (Applause.) You know, they thought they were attacking a country so weak and so feeble that we might file a lawsuit or two, and that's all we'd do. (Laughter.) That's what they thought. We're showing them the different face of America. We're showing them that we're plenty tough. When it comes to taking somebody trying to take away our freedoms, we're tough, and we're going to remain tough and steadfast. (Applause.)"

So, the Islamic terrorists thought they were attacking a weak and feeble country. Is this what the Islamic world thinks of the United States of America--the most powerful military force in the history of the human race? Let's once again imagine the thoughts of the hijackers.

"Can we really pull this off? Can we really take on America and punch her lights out for good? Let me rationalize this. America is known as a financial power. They give billions of dollars in monetary aid to our hated enemy, Israel, annually, which those Jew-dogs use to buy tanks and weapons to attack our people with and to steal our land! America is known as a military power, an empire. They have a million soldiers, a large air force of fighter jets and bombers, a navy full of destroyers and floating cities called aircraft carriers, a quadrillion bullets, a million bombs, spy satellites, the most highly advanced technology and an arsenal of nuclear weapons that could destroy the planet a hundred times over. Let's see what we have. We have a few hundred martyrs here and a few hundred martyrs there, we have kitchen knives, belt bombs, slingshots, slings, a thousand or so rocks and stones from the rubble of our! This battle is so lopsided, it's not even fair! What was I thinking? We're loaded and ready to rumble! Why do I worry my head so much! This is going to be a punishment America will never forget! America? Hmph! Bunch of weak and feeble infidels! We'll show them a thing or two!"

Who was the President referring to when he mentioned "somebody trying to take away our freedoms"? Has any terrorist ever managed to take away our American freedoms? Never. Our freedoms exist because of our Constitution. The only entity who could take away our freedoms is the one who would destroy our Constitution. And since no outside force on earth could conquer America and replace our Constitution with Sharia, the only entity who could destroy our Constitution is our own government. Has anyone noticed the ever-increasing infringements upon our liberties since Tuesday, September 11, 2001?

But why would our own government destroy our Constitution? It's not a complicated idea. The freedoms guaranteed by this document can only exist when government is restrained from infringing upon them. The more restraint that is placed upon government, the less power government has. Government craves power the way a drug addict craves heroin. The more heroin one uses, the more heroin one needs. The more heroin one needs, the more heroin one uses. Rinse, lather and repeat the vicious cycle. At some point the heroin addict, once a very nice and respectable member of the community, is robbing liquor stores and beating his own mother to death for $5. In order for government to gain more power, it needs to have less restraint, and the less restraint it has, the more it will infringe upon our freedoms. So the key to government power--also known as totalitarianism--is the destruction of our Constitution.

But isn't this--un-American? Yes. Yes it is.

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