Thursday, June 12, 2008

Some Democrats Discover the Free Market!

In his 6/11/2008 New York Post article, entitled, "Do As Dems Say, Not as They Dine", Jonah Goldberg exposes the Democrats for the socialists they truly are, and shows us that socialist ideas are detrimental to society by focusing on the Senate cafeteria.

According to the article, the Senate cafeteria served crappy food not fit for a prisoner. "As befits a government-run commissary, the Senate cafeteria has a decidedly Soviet attitude toward variety. It has averaged only two new menu items a year over the last decade. The food is so bad, every lunch hour Senate staffers rush to the House side of the Capitol like starving New Yorkers of the future storming the last Soylent Green vendor."

This is a prime example of government running something as it believes it should be run, as opposed to what the public truly needs and demands.

"According to auditors, the chain of restaurants run by the Senate food service, including the snooty Senate Dining Room, has almost never been in the black. It's lost more than $18 million since 1993 and dropped about $2 million this year alone."

Well, there is a bit of shock within this article that might surprise many socialist-minded people out there. The Democrats plan on fixing this problem by privatizing it. No need to put on your glasses. You read correctly. Some Democrats have seen the free market in action and are looking to give it a try.

"The House of Representatives made the switch in the 1980s, and its food service is now better. And profitable. $1.2 million in commissions since 2003. The Senate has taken 20 years to follow suit."

Jonah Goldberg then said it best when he continued, "This was a painful decision for many Democrats who believe that privatization can't be justified simply because it delivers better service and higher quality for less money. 'What about the workers?' they cried. Apparently, some Democrats feel that the top priority in the restaurant business is to generate paychecks for people who are bad at their jobs."

I want to thank Jonah Goldberg for saying it so plainly.

Socialism, in all its variant forms, must be completely eradicated from government in order to make America great again. Let the free market reign everywhere!

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